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Enhance your events with unique, memorable & impactful experience

Are you ready to take your events to the next level? Look no further because we've got you covered! We are a full-service event-organizing business, and our mission is to take the stress out of event planning for you! Whether you need help with a small component of your event or want us to handle everything from A to Z, we've got your back. Let's work together and create an event that will have your guests talking about it for years to come!


Group custom tours

  • Food tours

  • Bar tours

  • Touristic Routes

  • Educational tours

Event planning

  • Event RSVP management

  • Partnership management

  • Event promotion campaing

Gift Services

  • Themed boxes

  • Local products

  • Specific products

  • Gift wrapping and shipping

  • Creation of gift baskets

Event experiential Augmentation

  • Promo Items

  • Souvenir creation

  • Custom memorable experience

  • Photobooth and creative photo services

  • Augmented reality services

Event gamification

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Amazing Race

  • Photo Ralley

  • Team building

managed services

  • Bar services

  • Catering services

  • Photo & video services

  • Decor services

  • Music Services

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simple Process & Pricing

  1. Initial consultation

  2. Quote presentation

  3. Brainstorm & creative and collaborative session

  4. Concept and event gameplan presentation

  5. Event coordination

  6. Day of fufilement

  7. After event recap

Our price varies according to the size and component needed for the events. We will be happy to provide you with a quote after our initial meeting. Projects must be valued at 1000$ minimum.

Viva Shediac started as a tour company but quickly saw the need in the market for custom events and experiences. Our team has been bringing a custom experiential approach to various events in the Shediac region for the past 5 years. 




Boys & Girls club educationnal tour

We developped a custom version of our classic walking tour with adapted educationnal content for this friendly group of youths. Trivia and pop quiz questions were a huge hit with during this beautiful afternoon stroll


I Choose Shediac Boxes

The pandemic was a chalenging period for small local businesses. In partnership with the chamber of commerce, we developped gift boxes filles with Shediac's finest products. Over 300 boxes were sold benefitting over 20 participating businesses.


ATV Scavenger Hunt

In partnership with Experience Shediac and the local ATV country club, we organized a scavenger hunt from Shediac to Memramcook all the way to Scoudouc as part of the winter carnival. Clues hidden on the trails lead the 250 participant to solve the mistery of the dissaperance of Tim McCarthy in 1877. A total of 1800$ was raised for the club.

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