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Test your observation skills with our lobster-themed scavenger hunt!

Available every day at the Homarus Centre

5$ as an add-on to the Homarus Centre tour

20$ as an individual purchase 

Experience a fun-filled adventure suitable for everyone with our self-guided Lobster Rallies! Embark on an interactive scavenger hunt through the Homarus Centre and Rotary Park, immersing yourself in the captivating world of lobsters while having a blast.

Whether you're a family seeking an educational and entertaining outing, a group of friends looking for a unique activity, or a curious traveler eager to delve into Shediac's lobster heritage, our Lobster Rallies are the perfect choice. With a self-guided format, you have the freedom to explore at your own pace and enjoy the experience on your terms.

Follow the clues, solve puzzles, and engage in interactive activities as you learn everything there is to know about lobsters and their significance in Shediac. From their fascinating life cycle to their role in the local culture and economy, each step of the scavenger hunt will reveal new insights and surprises.

No prior knowledge is required, making our Lobster Rallies accessible to everyone. Purchase either the digital version or the paper version at the Homarus Centre boutique. Limit of 4 adults OR one family (2 adults + children) per group.

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