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Viva Shediac Giant Lobster

    a tourist 's  paradise

Shediac is a small town of about 7,000 people in the southeast of New Brunswick. During the summer, Shediac comes alive and triples in population. The Shediac Bay, in the Northumberland Strait, it's the best place in New Brunswick to visit the beach & practice aqua sports. This charming little Acadian town will offer everything you are looking for during your vacation.




Shediac is the lobster capital of the world. Here, the flow of business revolves around the lobster industry. Fishing, processing and exporting have been of great importance in Shediac for a long time. This year, we celebrate the 70th edition of the Lobster Festival. More than 10,000 lobsters are eaten. It is also the home of the largest lobster in the world, close to our location you will find this huge concrete structure.

Shediac is a town where many Acadians took refuge during the deportation of 1755. The population has since been predominantly of Acadian origin. The generosity and openness of the Acadians are felt throughout the city. Passing on the main street, everyone greets each other.

Shediac is a gourmet paradise, there are dozens of restaurants offering seafood along the main street. The charming downtown is the best place for a good relaxing dinner. Our longest guided tours stop at the Gabrièle restaurant, Maison Tait, the Moque tortue, and at Adorable Chocolat.


Viva Shediac is an authentic tourist experience company in the Shediac area. The idea stems from a Tech Star Start-up weekend. In January 2019 Karine and François won first place. With the assistance of Tourism NB, they developed 2 different versions of a guided tours in Shediac. Originally from Shediac, Karine and François are proud locals. Here is a short description of the 2 locals that will make you discover Shediac.

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