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We believe that it is important to highlight our local entrepreneurs. This holiday season, we have prepared and organized boxes of local products crafted or produced by businesses from Shediac and Memramcook to give as Christmas gifts, or to keep for yourself and your family. This is your one-stop shop to discover new products, support local businesses and find creative Christmas gifts. Order your box now!

Shediac Box

Sweet Butter - La Gare

If you've been to the restaurant La Gare, you know this delicious product. It will be the secret ingredient for a successful appetizer or even for a tasty snack!

Lobster soap

With a lobster motif, this soap is almost too beautiful to be used! However, the natural and organic ingredients will leave your skin soft and moisturized. Plus, you can reuse the accompanying soap dish.

Coffe bag - Second Cup

From the Shediac branch, this Batch 49 coffee bag is perfect for impressing your guests during Christmas meals. Will you be making a latte, iced coffee, or an espresso martini? If you lack inspiration, visit the Shediac Second Cup to see their holiday drinks.

Maple syrup - Château Scoudouc

What better way to sweeten holiday desserts than with locally sourced maple syrup? Château Scoudouc is growing rapidly, all while maintaining their family roots and prioritizing quality above all. Find a creative way to use your syrup.


Candle - Lightmylove

Handcrafted by a local small business, this candle is the perfect gift for a Comfy and Cozy evening. They are neutral and classic, not to mention the quality that will make you want another one when it's finished!

Adorable Chocolat 

Containing 9 delectable chocolates from Adorable Chocolat, this is the best way to treat yourself. Enjoy this handmade gift box that will melt in your mouth, allowing you to savor the quality of this local product.

Cutting Board - LJR

The students of LJR School have put their skills to work to create beautiful cutting boards. This festive Christmas decor can be used for many years to come, both for cutting and decorating!

Memramcook Box

Honey - Verger Belliveau

The products from Verger Belliveau have been in our homes for a long time, but you may not have had the opportunity to taste this delicious honey... It's the perfect sweet gift to make the holiday season even more joyful!

Sparkling drinks - Verger Belliveau

Enjoy an explosion of flavor with 2 non-alcoholic Sparkling Drinks... A fusion of flavors for a burst of pleasure. It's a perfect refreshment for any family member.

Bottled cranberry - Pain du college

An explosion of fruity flavors to pair with a charcuterie board... it will make the holiday season more delicious. If you truly want to savor it, go grab yourself a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery; these products from Pain du Collège will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Glasse set - Crooked River

What could be better than a set of Crooked River glasses for enjoying cocktails with friends and family? Their distillery has been a hit lately, so why not bring that vibe to your home?

Homemade cup - Abbey Landry

The young artists from Abbey Landry School have put their talents to work! This is the perfect gift to place under the Christmas tree. By supporting these Christmas boxes, you're also supporting young entrepreneurs.

Strawberry Jam - Ptit fruits de pré d'en haut

This strawberry jam from Ptit fruits de pré d'en haut will bring joy to many during family breakfasts... or charcuterie dinners. Let your taste buds travel to the sweet days of summer with this perfect flavor.

Cutting board - Tourneur de bois

Shaped like an apple, the Tourneur de bois cutting board is THE perfect board for cutting fruits. What better way to present your favorite foods or even decorate your kitchen?

Romarin - 0range soap - Zoli soap

An original scent for an original gift. This soap from Zoli Soap is the perfect stocking stuffer! It's the perfect example of organic, simple, and local products—what better to use on your skin?

The Box

The products are presented in a beautiful, 100% locally sourced box with decorations. This box is ready to give as is or can easily be unwrapped to access the products. 
By purchasing the Viva Shediac box, you will be spared from in-person shopping in stores. Box pick-up will be on December 9 at the Shediac Multifunctional Center and at Memramcook school - Abbey Landry.


Bulk Orders

Wether it's for your business, for an organization, or simply because you want lots of boxes for yourself and your family, please contact us directly so we can serve you better. 
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