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Bar Hop

Ever had trouble picking your social evening spot ? look no further

49$ + HST


This is a self-guided experience. Feel free to cab, walk or bike from one location to another. Local guides are available to do this experience with you to enhance your experience


This experience includes 3 drinks tickets redeemable at 5 participating restaurants & bars 

Book this experience & receive locally made coasters when picking up your drink tickets 

all-day happy hour Pub Crawl to discover Shediac's best hang-out spots  

Our Bar Hop is a fun and festive activity that is already organized for you and your friends! The only thing left for you to do is call up a small group. Whether you are from the area or visiting, this is an awesome way to experience multiple restaurants all in one.


Plan out your itinerary on the Bar Hop map supplied in your Kit and go have fun! Our 5 favourite chosen locations are unique. Each place offers approximately 5 drink options (Beers, Wine & Cocktails) with a personal recommendation from the house. All your options will be clearly listed on the Bar Hop map supplied by Viva Shediac so you can have plenty of time to decide. 

We took care of organizing some little interactive games to play from your phone with your friends. These are guaranteed to make you laugh & spend some quality time with your Bar Hop crew. 

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