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Christmas Gift Box

As the pandemic has had and continues to have an impact on businesses in the region. We believe it is important to support our local businesses during the holiday season. We have prepared and organized boxes of local products to give as Christmas gifts.

The Box

The products are presented in a beautiful wooden box. We want to offer an eco-responsible and above all reusable box. By purchasing the box, you can give the complete box as a gift or give the products individually as small gifts.


By purchasing the Viva Shediac box, you will be spared from in-person shopping in stores. This option can not only save time, but reduces the risk of the spread of Covid-19 because the box can be ordered online. Box pick-up will be on December 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the north door of the multifunctional center

The Products

Foodie Box

Cozy Box

  • Adorable Chocolat Chocolate Box (24$)​

    • An assortment of 12 unique flavoured and delicious chocolates. 


  • Pizza Delight Donair sauce (12$)​

    • Homemade donair sauce kit. Make your at home pizza party more special. 


  •  Tait House cocktail recipe (2$) ​

    • A recipe card and the dried fruit you will need for a savoury cocktail. 


  • Brew Chez Nous Culinary Wines (25$)​

    • Three flavours of culinary wines and a recipe card that explains how to use them. Discover their excellent quality. 


  • Château Scoudouc Maple Coffee (16$) ​

    • Maple flavoured coffee that will keep you warm all winter. 


  • Château Scoudouc Maple Syrup (8$)​

    • Add this delicious syrup to your coffee, or to any part of your breakfast. 


  • Wooden Oyster Opener (15$)​

    • Made by hand by Donald Boucher, this oyster opener makes it easy and safe. 


  • JR’s Treats Gourmet hot chocolate (15$)​

    • Just add warm milk in this hot chocolate mix, and your treat will be ready. Are you going to try the salted caramel or candy cane one first?

  • Jam and Jelly Leger Bakery (12$) ​

    • Raspberry jam for breakfast and jelly for your next wine and cheese, what could be better? ​

  • Adorable Chocolat Salted Caramel (7$)​

    • “The perfect Sweet & Salty combination”. Add some to your coffee, toast or fruit. 


  • Château Scoudouc Maple Candle (10$)​

    • A high quality maple candle that will fill up any room with a sweet scent. 


  • Turbide et Leger wool socks (21$)​

    • These high quality 50% wool socks will keep you and a friend warm all winter. 


  • Burn to Shine Christmas tree ornament (7$)​

    • Made from wood by hand, this beautiful ornament will be a perfect addition to your tree. 


  • Natural Bee beeswax lotion (9$) ​

    • “We use oils to moisturize and beeswax to lock it in, the best way to take whatever an NB winter throws at you”.


  • Moque-Tortue cookie box (10$)​

    • Indulge in a sweet treat with these delicious cookies, they’re new at the Bistro! They are almost too beautiful to eat. 


  • Bathtub Bliss Christmas Soap (5$)​

    • Made with oils to moistures your skin, this soap will help put you in the Christmas spirit.